September 8, 2014

The (browser compatibility) cake is a lie

Some days ago Google updated Google Chrome reaching version 37. Several Dynamics CRM users reported issues with this version like:
  • Export to Excel is not working
  • System settings are not saved
  • Form editor doesn't accept the changes
A registry fix is available:
Google Chrome registry fix for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

The reason is that showModalDialog API has been deprecated inside Chromium (the engine used by Google Chrome) more information here:
Disabling showModalDialog
Neil McDonald found a solution using a Group Policy, details in his blog:
Chrome 37 breaks CRM 2011 functionality

The current solution is "use another browser".

And before you are able to finish the word "browser" the obvious question is prompted to you: "But Microsoft states that Dynamics CRM is supported on the latest browser versions, why it's not working?"

The question is totally legit and MSDN has also a page about: Web application requirements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft simply made a promise they can't always deliver, because they don't develop Google Chrome or the other browsers they decided to support, ergo "the cake is a lie".
With Google Chrome there is also another problem: you can't rollback to an older version because Google doesn't keep a public archive of their builds. So another question surfaces: "How can I avoid to have these issues again?"

The answer is to prioritize the supported browsers, naturally Internet Explorer will be your first choice (version 11, not version 8 please) and Firefox as an alternative, because they keep a public archive of their builds:
If in the future a Firefox release is not compatible with Dynamics CRM, the users can always install the previous working version (shame on you Google Chrome!).

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