September 12, 2014

Google Chrome registry fix for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013

Due to the errors caused by the latest Google Chrome update (details here) I created .reg file to reactivate showModalDialog API, you can download from here:

Enable Chrome showModalDialog.reg

After the download is completed close Google Chrome, double-click the .reg file and click Yes to the Registry Editor prompt:

I also created a page to test the showModalDialog API:

Test Page for showModalDialog API


  1. Cool!

    Brought cheers on customer's face ..solving issue using above !!

    Thxxxx, Rockstar!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, newer versions of Google Chrome removed completely the modaldialog, so this fix can't be used anymore. In addition Google Chrome on Mac is not a supported browser for Dynamics CRM. hope it helps.

    2. Hi Guido,
      Do you know how to resolve the problem in newer versions of Chrome?


    3. Hi Carl,
      I'm not aware of current issues with Chrome related to ModalDialog, feel free to write to my email ( with the details of your problem