July 15, 2018

Say No to local Option sets (but pay attention in PowerApps)

The use of global option sets in Dynamics is normally considered a best practice, the obvious advantage is the ability to reuse the same list of options in multiple fields inside the same entity or a different one.
Dynamics still allows the creation of local option sets but from version v9 there is another difference between Local and Global option sets: the External Value property:

This property is available only on Global option sets, when you create a local option this new property is missing:

External Value is intended for Virtual Entities, I understand it's not an everyday situation to deal with it, but this gives you another reason to avoid local option sets.

Today we live in the world of CDS and PowerApps, but the choice between local and global option sets is also inside the Canvas mode. If before the creation of fields was handled generally by System Administrators (in what we call today model-driven apps), today a larger set of user can face this dilemma.
Microsoft published a detailed page regarding option sets inside PowerApps here:
Create an Option set
So make your users aware of the "Option sets" inside the navigation pane:
Although I agree with the warning written by Microsoft

"Local option sets can only be used by the entity and field they are created against, and cannot be reused on other entities. This approach is only recommended for advanced users that a specific need for a local option set."

teach your users that the options inside a global option set will be available in all the fields using that option set, so if you add or remove options this will affect also other fields created by different users based on the existing option set.