Xrm JavaScript Dojo

Xrm JavaScript Dojo is a tool for CRM 2011 Developers.
It consists of a custom entity (called Dojo) with an integrated JavaScript editor (based on Ace) and several fields (the label is the field name).
It is possible to execute the code using the ribbon button Run JS, in this way developers can easily test Xrm JavaScript code without the necessary to edit and publish a Web Resource.

The Dojo entity is placed under Settings -> Extensions

The managed solution can be downloaded from Codeplex at this address:

An example:
var today = new Date();

1 comment:

  1. It's a really useful tool.
    Before using this tool, I've been trying out the scripts by creating test entity and publishing the script again and again until the code gets it right.
    Now, not only I can easily test by just clicking the ribbon button, I can also save the code snippets for later reference.
    It'd be great if the tool is released for CRM 2013 as well.