January 12, 2022

Dataverse REST Builder and Lookups

When I created Dataverse REST Builder I liked very much the idea to use Xrm.Utility.lookupObjects, having a custom page using this function makes (at least for me) the application more integrated with the system, also many requests (like Retrieve Single or the Associate/Disassociate) require to insert the ID of a record.

When Dataverse REST Builder was executed inside XrmToolBox, the following message appeared:

To make up for this, inside the latest version ( I added a lookup function when DRB is executed outside a Dynamics 365/Power Apps context, to facilitate users to search and select the ID of a record.
The functionality is simple and limited, after a table is selected a search term for the primary column must be specified (it works with a "contains"/"like" logic) and after click "Search" maximum 5 records are returned (ordered by the primary column of the table).
If one of the results is the one you wish, clicking the "Select" button will bring the ID and the table logical name back to the application.
Hope it helps.


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