November 11, 2020

Few words on Dynamics Weekly

If you were a subscriber of my newsletter Dynamics Weekly you already know I decided to don't continue it a month ago. After the final issue I received many messages of support from the subscribers, I tried to reply to each one of them and if I missed someone I am really sorry.

149 issues can be a strange number to close, someone on Twitter suggested me to arrive at least to 150, but more than being an even number I don't see other reasons :) However #149 was the first issue of October 2020, meaning it contains the HR content of the previous month. I don't check analytics, but I didn't want to interrupt something "on the middle", closing the newsletter with this content was the right thing to do for me and to respect the effort of Malin to prepare that part.

Why you closed the newsletter? Reason is quite simple, I didn't want to run it. You may consider this reason selfish, but during September my main thought was how much I was tired by Dynamics Weekly and that I didn't want to run it. Of course I was tired during other times in the past but I always wanted to continue it. To don't want to run the newsletter was a new feeling, and when for several days you get up and you go to sleep with that thought, you understand that what you are doing is not healthy.

Why don't take a break and continue later? Dynamics Weekly was out every Monday, no matter what. Jonas helped me in the past, this time I felt that after a break I would not be able to resume it and I didn't want to force myself to do something I don't like, I really like Dynamics Weekly and I didn't want to hate it.

Why don't pass the torch to someone else? When I started the newsletter I didn't ask others for suggestions or ideas. I was a subscriber of other newsletters so I knew how it works, I registered the domain, I paid the first month for the service and I sent it. As I wrote in the past it was something I needed for myself in the first place, it's the way I like to consume and keep track of information on some topics. I could ask someone else if they want to continue it but I didn't want to be a burden or for them to don't feel uncomfortable if they need to take decisions I may or I may not like, for me Dynamics Weekly is a closed chapter.

What do you think of other Power Platform newsletters? Running a newsletter where you curate the content is time consuming, and everyone involved has my respect. When I started there was no newsletters on the subject (that I know of) and now I am happy that there are two: Power Platform Developers Weekly and Power Platform Weekly. If you like the topics subscribe to them or (and I really appreciate this choice as it was one of the things I liked about Dynamics Weekly) go to their websites and check the issues directly there.

What about PCF Gallery, do you plan to close that too? No, PCF Gallery doesn't require the amount of time I gave to Dynamics Weekly, some weeks more controls get published, some weeks no controls at all. Beside the improvements that I didn't implement yet (sorry about that), I am aware the website should not be managed only by me, I hope to improve this aspect too in the future.


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