December 5, 2019

Unified Interface transition: Powered by Power Apps Portals

The latest news is that Microsoft is scheduling the transition to Unified Interface way before October 2020. If you are interested in this topic check this blog post by Magnetism: Scheduling Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Upgrade in the Transition Portal and this twitter thread by Jukka Niiranen.

After I heard the news I quickly checked one of the tenants I have access and with my surprise (beside the early date Microsoft scheduled) I noticed that the site is built with Power Apps Portal.

Yes, the domain was an obvious clue, but as soon I saw the Profile Page I recognized it:

I work with Power Apps Portals (since it was called ADX Studio Portals) and I am happy to see Microsoft using it also for this kind of websites. If you believe in a product you should be the first to use it, right?

If you want to know more about Power Apps Portals, you can check the official site: and the blogs of three MVPs: Nick Doelman, Colin Vermander and Nicholas Hayduk.

What are you waiting for? Go to check the scheduled dates for your instances!


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