February 25, 2024

new project: QR Code Custom APIs

As I wrote in my previous post, in the recent months I created several Custom APIs and some of them are available inside my GitHub account.

The latest one is QR Code Custom APIs

Right now there is a single Custom API called GenerateQRCodeUrl

As input accepts a Url (string) and it returns the Base64 representation (string) of a PNG file, this can be used for example inside HTML content (setting the src property like data:image/png;base64, [BASE64 VALUE]) or for example to store the value as a note/attachment.

Here an example of a QR Code generated with this Custom API (it points to www.microsoft.com)

Big thanks to the project QRCoder that I am using inside this Custom API.

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  1. Any videos or links for how to invoke this is power apps pls