November 1, 2021

Portals and Web API, why not?

After Portals Superhero and MVP Victor Dantas shared the news regarding Web API and Portals (link) I started to make the required changes to Dataverse REST Builder in order to support the new syntax, and a new version ( is out:

This new functionality is in Preview, so if you are planning to use it make sure to read carefully the documentation, as syntax and functionalities may change. Inside the new tab "Portals" I added some comments with the current links.

In order to execute this new syntax DRB replaces the Portals endpoint ("/_api") with the standard Web API endpoint, this means you can generate the code also inside an instance where a portal is not installed, but this also means that is not 100% accurate, it's a trade-off.

You will find the new "Portals" tab for the following requests: Retrieve Single, Retrieve Multiple, Create, Update, Delete, Associate and Disassociate.

You can download the new version from GitHub:


  1. Hi Guido, would it be a lot of work to also generate a HTTP POST/PATCH/GET code?

  2. the code is generating already that kind of messages, if you have questions or doubts please open an issue inside the github repository