March 9, 2015

Japan and Australia Data Center Discovery URLs

Microsoft launched the new Data Center in Japan for CRM Online, you can read the announcement by Bob Stutz here:
Japan Datacenter Open for Business: Now Serving Japanese CRM Online Customers.

The Australia Data Center is also operative and available for companies from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Microsoft defined also the Discovery Web Service URL of these data centers, the addresses are: (Japan) (Australia)

The Japanese data center is identified by the crm7 host, the Australian one by crm6. This will affect also the organization url, for example if Contoso Ltd. has two branches, one in Japan and the other one in Australia, their urls will be:

The relative MSDN page has been updated to include this change, the next table is a recap:

crmNorth America
crm2South America
crm9North America 2 (CRM Online for Government)


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