November 20, 2014

ConditionOperator To FetchXml Operator

Dynamics CRM SDK contains the ConditionOperator enumerator that can be used when building a QueryExpression, but the SDK doesn't provide a way to convert a ConditionOperator to its FetchXml equivalent.

I created a static method that accepts a ConditionOperator enumerator and returns a string containing the equivalent FetchXml operator:

public static string ConditionOperatorToFetchXmlOperator(ConditionOperator conditionOperator)

string fetchXmlOperator = ConditionOperatorToFetchXmlOperator(ConditionOperator.EqualUserId); 
// fetchXmlOperator will be "eq-userid"
The library can be downloaded from Technet Gallery:

Note: the library contains the ConditionOperator for CRM 2011, CRM 2013 and CRM 2015.


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