August 16, 2014

Dynamics CRM Mug Shot

Note: This is just a demo done in my spare time, nothing less nothing more

Dynamics CRM 2013 has the ability to display an image inside the form but in my opinion too many clicks are required to change it. First you need to click the picture box, wait that the dialog is loaded, click browse..., find the picture in your pc, click Open and finally click OK.

Note: This is an unsupported customization

I created a JavaScript library to make easier this procedure, it enable the picture box to be a target for a drag&drop, so you just need to drag your picture and it will be saved to CRM!

Because the code will run in the OnLoad event, it will take a bit to modify the picture box, you will notice a dashed border when the picture box is enabled for drag&drop:

You can download the library from my OneDrive:

It is necessary to add the library to the form and attach the InitializeMugShot function to the OnLoad event.

But wait there's more...

I created also a WPF Application (I'm not a big fan of WPF but has its advantages) to grab a snapshot from your camera with the size required by Dynamics CRM (144x144 pixels):

The snapshots listed in the right part are draggable, so you can drag the snapshot you just took from your webcam directly to the CRM picture box! (or you can drag them to the desktop if you want to save as file).

you can download the application from my OneDrive: