January 30, 2014

CRM 2013 MB2-703 Exam - My Experience

Preamble: My job position is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer, I hold the CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration certification, in the past months I worked with CRM 2013 (online instance mostly)

Yesterday I passed my first CRM 2013 exam: MB2-703 Customization and Configuration, one of the four exams currently available for CRM 2013. (you can find the complete list here)

The exam has just been published, normally I don't rush on certifications but I had a voucher due to expire, in addition I didn't feel ready for the other exam I'm currently preparing.

I had few days to prepare for the exam, but Microsoft released the exam details some days ago, and that was my starting point (and should be your too):


The "Overview" and "Skill Measured" sections give you a good summary of the exam, and clarify the targets. Because this exam is the natural evolution of the CRM 2011 version and several concepts are still the same, I studied again the MB2-866 study notes from mscrmgeek.com (the site is currently offline, so I made a doc from the google cache and shared here: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AlhBTblgMrjkinvNdNH63asH0vtm)

Of course not all the things are still the same, so my suggestion is to study/check these notes with a CRM 2013 instance.

But this is still a CRM 2013 exam, what else did I study? As I wrote before I worked with CRM 2013, but I wasn't able to see all the new stuff, so I googled "crm 2013 new features" and I found relevant entries:




As you can see CRM 2013 is a big step forward for Dynamics CRM, so I made a list of the relevant arguments (keeping an eye on the official exam details), I searched other articles and watched youtube videos, for example I learned about Actions capabilities (http://inogic.com/blog/?p=12), an argument that I didn't face previously with the customers.

I also have a Windows RT tablet, useful to test the mobile features (but the app is available also for Windows 8, so no excuses to try it)

My final thoughts:
  • Try to pass the CRM 2011 certification (MB2-866) first, CRM 2011 is still relevant and will be useful when you face upgraded environments
  • CRM 2013 is not only a new UI, test by yourself the new features, with real word examples you can memorize them faster
  • Ask if you have doubts, Dynamics Community and MSDN forums are there for you
Good luck with your Dynamics CRM exams!


  1. Thanks Guido, I'm also thinking to take this exam, so it's quite helpful for me.

  2. Well done Guido. Do you have any more exams planned? For anyone interested I also made some notes on 703 here: - http://dynamicscrmchat.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/microsoft-exam-mb2-703-crm-2013-customisation/

    1. Hi Kevin, congrats to you too! I'm currently preparing Applications but I didn't schedule it yet.

  3. Guido, did you get around to doing Applications? I passed it a while back and my notes can be found here if you can use them... http://dynamicscrmchat.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/microsoft-exam-mb2-700-crm-2013-applications/

  4. Would you please update the link to MB2-866 study notes? as the link you posted is no linger working